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Cake Trends 2022

Trends are constantly changing and updating. Here is a list of some of some trending cakes in 2022!


Pressed florals are a great alternative to cakes that add a very light and delicate simplicity. Not all florals are recommended for food items or pressing, it is recommended that you or your hired pastry chef should contact a florist to see what florals are available and food safe.


Separated tiers are an older trend making a comeback! Each cake tier is visibly separated by columns or pillars. This separation is sometimes left open, but sometimes filled with florals, fruits, or even another type of dessert such as cupcakes. This trend is most often seen in wedding cakes and shower cakes.


Why have all your cake tiers stacked sky-high when you can separate them into multiple displayed tiers? This trend is not only great for limited home refrigeration space, but creates a sweets-table-esc display and allows more variety in design and flavour. Can't decide on an over all cake design?... no worries, separate you cake tiers with different designs that still coordinate into the same theme category. Similar to how bridesmaids wear different dress styles, but all the same colour. This trend is most often seen in wedding cakes.


Sugar florals are realistic-replicated flowers handmade from a sugar paste. These are not only a completely food safe decoration, but add a very beautiful accent to your design. Certain florals or botanicals may not be available at certain times of the year. Handmade sugar florals allow you to have sunflowers on your cake in the dead of winter... plus their edible!


This beautiful bubbly trend is created from a variety of different mediums. Often created from tempered chocolate, these bubble designs can also be created from fondant, and gelatin. The technique ads a light and fun aspect to your overall cake design. This trend is often seen in birthday cakes and shower cakes.


Number cakes are sheet cakes that cake been shaped or cut into numbers or even letters or choice. These cakes are filled with frosting and topped with a variety of different toppings from florals to chocolate and candy bars. This trend is often seen in birthday cakes.

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